Uproar (left to right)  Iain Stratton, Johnny Malice,  Garreth Neilly And Gary Moore



 Forged from the streets of Glasgow, Scotland in 2015, Uproar started life as a few jam sessions between like minded musicians. After a 'no tolerance for imperfection' attitude and several line up changes they arrived at their current line up consisting of:

Johnny Malice   (Vocals)

Iain Stratton       (Drums)

Garreth Neilly    (Guitars)

Gary Moore       (Bass)

Separately the band have shared stages and tours with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Alter Bridge , Bon Jovi and Skindred. Together, the band were able to draw on their musical backgrounds and experience to create a blend of hard rock, nu metal and stadium worthy melodies, inspired by the likes of Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin and shinedown, to name a few.

Desperate to share their love of music with the world the band stepped into the studio in early 2017 to record their first release 

'Fable, Vol 1.'

Consisting Of hard hitting, in your face tracks like 'Wonderland', title track and first single 'Fable', along with sing along anthem 'Forever burning' the E.P was released in December 2017.

Along with the release of this E.P Uproar have filmed and released videos for ' Fable' and 'Forever burning', both videos have gained thousands of views since their release.

With only a few gigs under their belt, Uproar have made a lasting impression on those who have seen them live.

"Uproar I can safely state for the record they will play Bloodstock, they will play Download, in fact they will play wherever they want as they are that good. I cannot wait to see this exciting band again"


"Forever burning is a ballad, of sorts, without actually being a ballad. If the definition of ballad is “the slow one that punches you in the guts”, then it’s a ballad, a true showstopper."