I have seen many Glasgow bands go from support to play a hometown headline show but nobody grabbed that opportunity like Uproar did tonight. They left me open mouthed at how they upped their game and as I stood there watching in shock one simple thought floated through my head...I have just seen Glasgow’s first metal arena band.

Now for the headline act(now that looks great on paper) and I really do not know what I expected from the boys tonight, I knew I would see a great show but this was just a different class. I should have expected this as outside was parked a huge van with the bands logo on it, the venue was heaving and I have never seen a local band shift so much merch in my life.


The stage was adorned with Uproar banners, there was risers and as singer Johnny Malice strode on he stepped to the front, picked up a confetti canon and the whole place went bat shit crazy. There is no way a band with one EP should be filling this hall and there is no way they should be blowing away every single person that was here.


The look on everyone’s faces said it all...Uproar have arrived. Everyone was as shocked as me, The promoters could not believe it, the punters could not believe it and as I spoke to Johnny’s band mate from the band Titan Breed he said the funniest thing in “Shit, I suppose I need to try and get into that band”.

This was all from the off, from the very first song “Fable” the place went nuts. Having attended gigs for almost 40 years I have never witnessed anything like it. The boys have done their homework and everything has gone into this show. The set list is perfect, they have got Rene Meijer sitting in the sound desk, brought over by Shock City just for tonight.


They worked together on the Ross the Boss tour and although I missed the show this must have been the catalyst for tonight’s change. I have heard the saying a single tour can make a band but I have never seen it played out so obviously before.

We got everything tonight, an acoustic song in “Today”, the song “King to a Clown” written by drummer John Fitzpatrick(and it was incredible) and a finale that Kiss would have been proud of. The lights were going, strobes aplenty, we had singers of both support bands back on the stage for “Wonderland” and yet more confetti.


Nothing was left on that stage by any member of the band, in fact Toni from Darkness Divine could not be bothered going backstage so dived into the crowd and that one action summed the night up. Crazy as fuck, entertaining as hell and a show never to be forgotten. Uproar will always look back at this show with fond memories and smiles as will I, and I will be as proud as you can imagine when I can say I was there…when I am outside the Hydro waiting to get in to see them.


 Ritchie Birnie

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It’s been the best part of 18 months since Devilskin graced Scotland with an appearance, now on the back of the whirlwind European tour supporting the mighty Halestorm, the Kiwis make a return visit.

Kicking off the proceedings tonight were a local Glaswegian 5 piece band, Uproar. Having had my ear to the ground about this band for a while (they’d been causing quite a stir touring with Ross The Boss recently) I was quite excited to see them and I had no preconceptions as I hadn’t heard any of their material either.

I was blown away (& not just because it was a very windy night in Glasgow) but they put on one hell of a show. Massive grins on their collective faces, tonnes of energy and their performance was tighter than a nuns chuff.  Their studio material doesn’t prepare you for how heavy as fuck this band are live. Quite simply outstanding.


They have a bright future ahead of them, and well worth keeping your eyes on as they gave even cynical old me, hope for the future of metal.

John Deaux

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Official support for ROSS THE BOSS on this six-day UK tour are the metal monsters UPROAR. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and with a lead singer who oddly has a familiar resemblance to the actor Nick Frost, they are a self-professed melodic, hard rock band.


Founded recently in 2015, with the just one three-track EP, “Wonderland Fable No.1”, under their belts, you possibly wonder what they will bring to the stage for their allocated forty minute set.


There was no need to worry. They brought a solid set of songs, full of hard riffs, crunching chords, slick solo’s and thumping beats all fronted by a singer oozing confidence in his craft. His jumping from the stage and singing a song within the crowd garnered several mobile phone recordings and indeed drew the crowd further into what the band had on offer.


The band was musically tight and appeared well rehearsed in both delivery and spectacle. They will no doubt provide us with a full album of songs, in the not too distant future, to build their stock and presence.


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Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow…you never fail to surprise me. This city is packed with talented bands, there is no shortage of class acts from the ones just starting out to the bigger acts starting to break and when I get all comfy knowing them another one is thrown in my face. 


Uproar are playing their third gig tonight. Let that sink in. I remember going to see a mate’s brothers band rehearse a very long time ago. They only played covers and man did they suck. No matter how much they played together they were terrible. This is what a band playing their third gig should be like but holy crap did this band wake up this audience and turn some heads.

This five piece band got me to part with my cash and buy their debut EP “Fable” ( or as singer Johnny Hollis kept calling it…fucking fable). All three songs from this were played tonight and I can assure you this is a belter and the band name reflects exactly what the band do.

Now locals will know the name Johhny Hollis as he is half of the vocal front on another band Titan Breed. I grabbed Johhny after the show and I was delighted to hear that Titan Breed is still going strong(phew).

Titan Breed are a different kind of beast but none the less impressive as they won this years Glasgow heats and ended up playing Bloodstock and with Uproar I can safely state for the record they will play Bloodstock, they will play Download, in fact they will play wherever they want as they are that good.

I cannot wait to see this exciting band again and not for the nifty toe tapping light box on show either( no matter how cheesy ha ha). Look out for the name Uproar as it will be banded about very, very soon.

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You could count the gigs that Uproar have played on one hand and still have enough fingers to stick two up at the boss behind his back. Watching them on stage though, it is hard to grasp that they only played their first gig back in May. Throw in the fact that guitarist Garreth Neilly only joined the band a few weeks prior, and it makes a mockery of their relative inexperience.


They came flying out of the traps after a short intro tape, and vocalist Johnny Hollis was everywhere… literally everywhere. He’s on the stage, then off the stage, getting in the faces of the cheering section down the front, a cheering section that included Hugh Jackman’s stand in from Wolverine, I should add. Hollis also sings with Titan Breed, a more extreme metal band than Uproar, who play their metal the groove way. Think Pantera, and you are on the right track. Hollis channels his inner Anselmo while the facial fuzz says Vinnie Paul.


Uproar were the surprise of the evening. Those in the know knew, and those of us who didn’t know now do. ‘Wonderland’ is a total banger. Groove metal bands never forget the hooks or the melodies, and this one has them by the bucket load. Same with ‘World’s Collide’, which got the heads bobbing in appreciation, as did ‘Lost In The Dark’ and ‘Fight Song’. ‘Forever Burning’ was dedicated to a much missed friend. It’s a ballad, of sorts, without actually being a ballad. If the definition of ballad is “the slow one that punches you in the guts”, then it’s a ballad, a true showstopper.


Let’s hope that the next gig is just around the corner as Uproar seem to have built up a head of steam. Check the band out on facebook.

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